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The Magic Spambot-Preventing Email Link Generator

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Spambots are malicious programs that crawl the web to harvest unprotected email addresses coded on blogs and other sites as regular HTML hyperlinks. You can help prevent this by scrambling your email address with randomized JavaScript variables that, upon loading the page, will appear normal to humans but look like an indecipherable mess to spambots. While nothing can guarantee that your email will never be sent spam, protecting your address with a scrambler like this can help reduce its frequency.

Upon entering your email address and optional display text, click the "Magic" button. HTML and JavaScript will be outputted. Copy and paste this code into the HTML of your personal site or any other online space that can understand JavaScript.

The Magic Spambot-Preventing Email Link Generator was inspired by Bo Allen's Spambot Resistant Email Link Generator.

This site does not collect your email address or any other personal information.